World Suicide Prevention Day is an awareness day observed on the 10th of September every year. It is used to provide a worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides.

According to the WHO, more than 700,000 people lose their lives by suicide each year. These rates are increasing for years in some parts of the world. In the U.S alone, there is an increment of suicide rates by 35% between 1998-2018. All ages, races & income levels are at risk, with 77% of all suicides occurring in lower to middle-class households.

There are many ways that each of us can help prevent suicide:- 

  • Recognize distress signals 

During the time of the pandemic, there are many risks factors that can lead to an increase in suicidal thoughts. It's important to recognize them because many people don't talk about their thoughts of suicide in advance.

  • Look for Actions

Again, not everyone will explain their feeling verbally. That's why it's important to look at actions as well as worlds to recognize warning signs.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, be wary if your loved one:- 

  1. Increase their use of alcohol or drugs or starts behaving recklessly.
  2. Has extreme mood swings (from euphoria to the depths of depression, rage, etc)
  3. Sleep too much or too little or withdrawal or isolation from others.                                                 
  4. Talks about being hopeless or having no reason to live life.
  5. Begins to search online for ways to kill themselves, such as buying gum or poison.
  6. Began to give away their prized possessions.

Be sure to regularly check on loved ones. During pandemic families and friends are more isolated and alone and many warning signs may be tough to recognize. Listen carefully when you talk to them about their corners and observe how they are expressing themselves.

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