What You Should Follow According to Google CEO for Password Security

It's always helpful to know the personal technology habits of the technologists who run big tech companies. India-born Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai shared some of his tech habits, including screen time for his kids, his password changes, and the number of mobile phones he uses.

He talks about various points related to the Internet, you can surely have a look at them.

Children on Youtube

In an interview with the BBC, on being asked if he allows his children to browse Youtube videos, Sundar Pichai responds in an affirmative. Pichai says the new generation needs to learn to adapt to technology as it's going to be a big part of their lives.

Asked about the policy on screen time for teenagers, Pichai responds that he has encouraged his children to develop boundaries on their own. "I approach it as a journey of personal responsibility," Sundar Pichai said.

When the interviewer asked about the side effects of technology on children, Pichai says, "throughout history, we have always been worried about the technology."

On passwords

On being asked how often he changes his password, Pichai says that he doesn't change his passwords frequently. He further recommends users should adopt “two-factor authentication" when it comes to passwords to ensure multiple protections.

Number of phones

Sundar Pichai admits that he uses more than 20 phones at a time for different purposes. "I am constantly changing and trying out every new phone and I'm testing it out all the time," Pichai says.

Artificial intelligence

“I view it [artificial intelligence] as the most profound technology that humanity will ever develop and work on. You know, if you think about fire or electricity or the internet, it's like that. But I think even more profound," said Pichai.

Indian or American?

"I’m an American citizen but India is deep within me. So it’s a big part of who I am," Pichai, 49, said when asked about his roots.

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