How to Update Phone Number in Aadhaar Card : Step-By-Step-Guide

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has made life simpler for the average citizen by giving Aadhaar holders the option to update or link their mobile numbers online or offline.

Aadhaar holders who are yet to make the changes to their cards need to do complete this update as soon as possible. One of the main changes that are a top priority–  linking/registration or updating one’s mobile number. These changes are important to make as it allows citizens to avail the benefits and schemes under Aadhaar, while also ensuring an added layer of security.

Now with the recent changes, citizens can update or link the mobile number using the Service Update Portal (SSUP) or by paying a visit to the local Permanent Enrolment Centre or Aadhaar enrolment center. Here are the steps to keep in mind when changing one’s mobile number, which falls under the demographic data sets.

Steps to Change Aadhaar Card Mobile Number

Step 1: To update the mobile number, visit the UIDAI web portal (ask.uidai.gov.in)

Step 2: Input the phone number that you wish to update and type in the captcha in the relevant boxes.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Send OTP’ option and enter the OTP that is sent to your phone number. Then click on the ‘Submit OTP & Proceed’ option.

Step 4: Next you will see a dropdown menu that says ‘Online Aadhaar Services’, from the myriad of options like name, address, gender, email-ID, Mobile number, etc. Click on the one you want to update. In the event of updating the mobile number, however, click on that option, and then the details needed to be filled in accordingly, and the option ‘what do you want to update’, needs to be selected.

Step 5: Once the mobile number is submitted, a new page will show up and a captcha needs to be entered. This will result in an OTP being sent to your number. Verify the OTP and click on ‘Save and Proceed’.

Step 6: Book an appointment online to go to the nearest Aadhaar center to pay Rs 25 fees and provide any additional information that may be required.

The Old-School Way; Offline Update or Linking of Mobile Number

To do it offline, one simply needs to locate and visit the local Permanent Enrolment Centre, the Aadhar Correction Form needs to be filled out. In the same form, users have to mention the updated mobile number that they wish to link and update, following which the form needs to be submitted. After this, biometric verification will take place for the authentication.

The verification officer will then provide an acknowledgment slip that has the Update Request Number (URN) on it. This number can be used to track the updated status of the Aadhaar card. Alternatively, to check the status, one can call the UIDAI toll-free number (1947).

If users just need to verify the number, one simply needs to log in to the UIDAI website and select the ‘Verify’ option under the ‘Aadhaar Services’ dropdown menu. Once there the 12-digit Aadhaar number needs to be entered, along with the email information, mobile number, and a security code. Once the OTP is received, click the ‘Verify OTP’ option and the green tick should arrive if all the steps were followed.

As an added layer to this process, Aadhaar holders can choose to link a specific telecom operator to link via the mobile number to the Aadhaar card.

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