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She Has Built One Of India’s Largest VR Game Zones, Where Gamers Can Roam Untethered

VR gaming as an idea certainly is interesting, presenting a greater immersive journey and allowing game enthusiasts to sincerely dive into the game, making it nearly lifelike. However, if you’re anyone who has invested in VR, you would virtually recognize the challenges that come alongside with it -- whether or not its requirement of sufficient area for interacting in-game, the reality that you can't, in reality, see what’s outdoor and eventual crashing into barriers which can even be risky -- the trip isn’t as enjoyable as one may want.

However, one corporation dubbed Zero Latency has created a specific method to make VR protected and extra immersive -- FreeRoam VR.

What is FreeRoam VR

FreeRoam VR is ZeroLatency’s reply to taking part in VR in likely the satisfactory way viable -- permitting gamers to roam freely in a large, open but secure house except any limitations round for the participant to freely have interaction with in-game factors and simply engross themselves in the gameplay. The journey is cordless, powered by way of a gaming computer that’s strapped on like a backpack.


For capturing games, they provide a gun-shaped controller with sensors that detects hand motions and precisely factors the place it’s supposed to in the game. An encompassed sound headset takes the immersive feeling to an entirely new level.

VR as a crew activity

What’s fascinating about ZeroLatency’s method to VR is that they've acquired video games that permit it to be a crew activity, alternatively than simply a solo pastime -- something that VR has regularly felt to be. The complete area has action monitoring sensors that music vibrant ball trackers on the gamers to triangulate their position, whilst additionally making it seen to different gamers who are immersed in the VR game.

The give-up end result is a team of players, diving into an immersive VR world the place they can go barring crashing into every other.

ZeroLatency in India

ZeroLatency is simply from Australia. However, in India, ZeroLatency used to be added by way of Parineeta Rajgarhia, a funding banker who became an entrepreneur and founder at Samrey Entertainment.

In a dialog with SMEFutures, she printed that the concept to convey ZeroLatency to India in 2019 got here after she first skilled it whilst visiting Bangkok. She was once similarly inspired to convey this VR trip to India upon recommendation from her husband, who is additionally an avid gamer.

ZeroLatency has its gaming services in Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad.

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