SC of India is setting up a committee to probe PM Modi's security lapses during his visit to Punjab

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent Punjab visit in the last week on Jan 5. A protest delayed him on a flyover for around 20 minutes, resulting in a security lapse. This led the Supreme Court of India to constitute a committee on Monday headed by a retired apex court judge to investigate the entire incident.

Among other orders, the Supreme Court has directed the center as well as the Punjab government to hold the ongoing investigations by panels they have appointed and said further orders will be issued shortly.

In response to Tushar Mehta, the Solicitor General of Punjab said the Additional Director General of Punjab can't serve on the inquiry committee, but he will be under investigation.

Chief Justice of India NV Ramana and Justices Surya Kant and Hima Kohli, who heard the case as the state's advocate general, also informed the court that the ADGP should be responsible for the overall security. As a result of a brief discussion among themselves, the security lapse was formed by the bench following a short discussion.

The AG in Punjab also declared that the Centre-appointed committee should hold off on taking action until the Supreme Court-appointed committee submitted its report. He noted that seven show-cause notices have also been sent to police officers in the state, without any opportunity for them to respond.

The state did not inform the convoy that there were people gathered near the flyover, and SG Mehta described the state's defense of the police officers as "extremely serious". Further, Deputy Attorney General Punjab says the committee appointed by the center is headed by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the conclusion was that the police officers are guilty. Center and BJP criticized the Punjab government, headed by the Congress party, for security lapses.

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