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Khaby Lame, TikTok’s most-followed star, earns this staggering amount for each post

The most-followed content material creator on TikTok has printed how an awful lot he makes per post. Khabar Lame grew to be TikTok’s most famous creator in June with 142.8 million followers to his title – a quantity that has now extended to a whopping 149.5 million.

In a special with Fortune, Lame’s manager, Alessandro Riggio, has now published that the 22-year-old is on his way to an income of $10 million this year, thanks to his TikTok reputation and subsequent endorsement deals.

Khabar Lame was once currently paid $450,000 via Hugo Boss to stroll the ramp at their Milan Fashion Week exhibit and put up a clip of the stroll to his TikTok account.

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Documents reviewed by way of Fortune additionally published that he earned $750,000 from an important Hollywood studio for one TikTok video.

The influencer, whose actual title is Khabane Lame, was once born in Senegal and immigrated to Italy in 2001 with his family. He joined TikTok at the establishing of the coronavirus pandemic and shortly rose to repute with his silent skits and deadpan humor.

According to the Independent, Lame’s supervisor stated he is now not prompted through money. “He was once poor, and he doesn’t be aware of how a lot he has in the bank. He doesn’t care about…” Riggio stated earlier than Lame himself reduce in and added: “I like making human beings laugh. I love my family. I love my company.”

Lame is now studying English by using looking at American cartoons and movies. He hopes to come to be an actor one day, and his last purpose is too famous person in a film with Will Smith.


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