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Indian Techie Gets Rs 65 Crore From Google As A ‘Reward’ For Keeping Android Safe

As the world continues to steer in the direction of a dominating digital space, cybersecurity has come to be a high difficulty for all events concerned in this net world. We stay in an age place all our non-public statistics are reachable at the contact of our hand, courtesy of the science we have at our disposal.

However, that additionally ability that shoppers are greater prone to falling prey to undesirable scams as well. Google has lately stated and lauded the work completed by using Aman Pandey, an Indian cybersecurity researcher whose efforts have led to him reporting and submitting vulnerabilities in Android, as a result making the OS safer for users.

Google has rewarded Aman Pandey from Bugsmirror as the top-most researcher for reporting and submitting vulnerabilities. He submitted 232 vulnerabilities in 2021.

Bugsmirror was once established by means of Aman Pandey in Indore in 2021 only. He graduated from NIT Bhopal. Google has additionally paid a whopping $8.7 million in vulnerability rewards, which is around Rs 65 crores. Around one hundred fifteen Chrome VRP researchers have been rewarded for 333 special Chrome safety computer virus reviews which had been submitted in 2021, totaling $2.2 million in VRP rewards.

As per his company’s website, the motto of Bugsmirror states that “Our motto is to tightly close and buttress anybody towards cyber protection threats and make sure that your smartphones, PDA or any IoT gadgets are free from malware and viruses. With this vision, presently our center of attention is on Android.

Being open-source, Android presents innumerable mixtures of hardware and software program to strengthen gadgets undreamt by way of even the working structures creator.” Well, that’s some other Indian making us proud, turning into wealthy and saving this world from bugs.


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