How to Get Netflix Account Free Official Method

Netflix is the most popular and most expensive OTT platform. Netflix is something where you can find tonnes of Web series and movies to watch in your free time. The leisure that Netflix is ultimate but it does come with a hefty monthly amount for many people. Those who would like to get Netflix account free can go through this guide and have a Netflix account for free officially.

What is Netflix

Netflix has changed the way we watch TV, providing us with a new medium to enjoy our favorite shows on-demand and anywhere. It is one of the world’s most popular platforms for television programming, with locations in virtually every nation. Netflix was at the forefront when it came to this type of service as they were among the first companies to provide such services back in 2007; today, hundreds of millions are subscribed from all over the globe.

In 2013, after relying on licensed material from other distributors for a while now, Netflix began their own original content by releasing House Of Cards – arguably its most famous series ever since then- creating breakneck changes within industry standards like never before; seen!

Netflix’s growth from a DVD-by-mail provider to the world’s leading streaming service has come at some cost. Netflix now faces many competitors and is under pressure by these rivals, but remains dominant in the space with over 130 million subscribers worldwide.

The premise of “Netflix and relax” – turning on your TV or computer while sitting back – became commonplace as other companies have tried unsuccessfully to create anything that would topple Netflix out of its seat atop this industry.

How To Get Netflix Account Free Forever Officially

Getting free is not possible, but by following this guide you can literally have a Netflix account for free and enjoy it for free. So no more tricky Netflix free account generators that can potentially steal your passwords and credit card details.

To have a fully free Netflix account you just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to GizMeek Reward System, now register with your email and get it verified.

Step 2: Once your account has been verified, go to your dashboard and check on your coins. You might be having 20 coins as a registration reward.

Step 3: Now go to GizMeek Shop Page, and check various rewards that you can claim by using your free coins.

Step 4: In case if you want to earn coins and claim other rewards as well, just open articles it will give you 1 coin each, if you have stayed on the page for a while say 1 minute. You can earn more by commenting on the articles. Do note that spam comments might get your account banned and no account means no coins and no coins means no rewards.

Note: Using this method you can not only get a Netflix account for free but you can also get an Amazon Prime account for free

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