How to Bypass Windows 11 TPM Requirement | Install Windows 11 Now

As we know Microsoft has released Windows 11, the Next Windows to Windows 10. There are plenty of new features that come with Windows 11. Overall we can see the design and UI has been changed to please users' eyes. In contrast, Microsoft has pumped the System requirements for Windows 11 high which made several processors incompatible though they are. You can check out compatible processors for Windows 11.

Let us check how we can bypass the TPM 2.0 Requirement easily!!

While installing Windows 11 on a nonsupported system, you can check system compatibility here, which throws an error as the PC can't run Windows 11. We will be bypassing this error and forcing the system to install Windows 11.

Steps to bypass Windows 11 TPM Requirement

  1. Download the latest build of Windows 10 using the Windows 10 Microsoft Creation Tool.
  2. Once the ISO image is downloaded, right-click on that image file and select MOUNT.
    Windows 11 TPM ByPass
  3. Now, move to the mounted drive and open the Source folder. Select every file except install.wim/install.esd.
    Windows 11 Insider
  4. Copy the file and past them in Windows 11, source folder by mounting the flashed USD drive. When you get the prompt, Click on Replace the file in the destination.
    Windows 11
  5. Once this is done, now use the USB drive to follow the installation procedure mentioned above. This time you won't face any issues during the installation process.

By following the above steps, you would be easily able to bypass the "PC can't run Windows 11" error. Though it is tested while installing the leaked version of Windows 11 and was working hope this will also help you out.

Microsoft has already released the first-ever Insider Preview, you check here for Windows 11 Insider Preview.

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