Free WiFi Password but you need to solve it

In the digital world, being connected to the internet is equivalent to being awake. Be it the home, office, or places of leisure, we need the internet. And if you get free Wi-Fi, that’s just the icing on the cake. Yaya’s Thai Restaurant, San Antonio, Texas, was offering the ‘icing on the cake’ for its customers. And to make things better, the Wi-Fi password was written on paper stuck to the wall. Can it get better than this? Imagine munching on your favorite Thai food while uploading the well-concocted dish on the gram. However, there’s a catch. Apparently, the free Wi-Fi is only available for math brainiacs because the password is not some random characters but a scary-looking math equation loaded with summation sigma, exponents, and variables, which needs to be solved to use the free internet service.

Originally posted on Reddit by a user named Joshua_Glock, the image of the Wi-Fi password instantly went viral among the netizens. Sharing the post, Joshua wrote, “This is the Wi-Fi password at a local Thai restaurant. I’m determined to join the network. Where are the math wizards at?"

While some Reddit users watched the image with mouth wide open, some actually started solving the problem to help find the password. Many thought the equation is incorrect, while others got the answers in two digits. Some users postulated that the password will be eight-character long.

The post is from 2016 but is as unique and quirky now as it was five years ago. Also, this is not the only café that used such a peculiar way to offer its services. For example, a small eatery in Beijing, China, made their customers solve math problems to know the price of each dish that they were offering.

In another attempt to stand out from the conventional food joints, a café charged their customers, not for the coffee that they served but the time that the customers spend in the restaurant, taking the saying, ‘Time is Money,’ quite literally.

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