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6 Ways to make your Aries ex miss you after breakup

Aries is a forgiving and careless sign who despises being by themselves. They'll probably go past their hurt feelings about the split soon, and then they'll regret keeping their distance from you. Overall, it becomes a lengthy procedure because their ex-partners must go on in their lives while they are separating. They approach breaking up as a competition in which they hope to succeed. Since Aries would much rather ditch than be rejected, if heat has been rising between the pair, they are likely to be the ones to instigate the breakup, making it much more difficult to make your Aries ex miss you after the breakup.

1. Imply the no-contact rule

Roughly speaking, you ought to wait two weeks to a month before getting in touch with your Aries ex. Due to their impulsive nature, Aries tend to act on their feelings at the time. You can let your Aries ex know that you still miss them by getting in touch early and promptly. However, having them wait makes them miss you and gives rise to a strong desire to know where you are.

2. Take a spontaneous trip

Aries people are thrill-seekers with a daring and vivacious nature. Take a vacation or a spontaneous break. This will guarantee that you have time for yourself as well as prevent you from running into your ex in the same area. Your Aries ex will be intrigued by your adventurous personality, which they long for in a mate if they notice you taking a break.

3. Indulge in lively sports

Aries people are spirited, active, and enthusiastic. They are likely to participate in rowdy and active sports and find it exhausting to follow strict timetables. An Aries ex would likely miss your sense of adventure if you go hiking or riding a motorcycle on an uncharted trail. They are always looking for something to do, so going on an adventurous ride and posting about it on social media will appeal to their inherent sense of adventure.

4. Meet new people

You can grow outside of yourself by establishing new friends and acquaintances, which will boost your confidence. This will also demonstrate your independence from your ex, who is an Aries, and your capacity for creating friends on your own. This could be a trigger for Aries individuals because they must have always had memories of you having fun and going out with them, and such a dramatic change could cause them to miss you.

5. Pamper yourself

Aries place a high value on physical touch, so it stands to reason that their ability to be attracted to others is also influenced by appearance. To make your ex, an Aries, miss you, you must put yourself first and take care of yourself. Make healthy diet and lifestyle decisions, pamper yourself to become your best self, and then don't forget to upload images instead of giving in to your emotions and overindulging in junk food and comfort foods.

6. Talk to them as they are your past

Try treating your past like an ex if you want to make them miss you and want to see you again. Aries can't stand it when their ex-partners distance themselves from them since they are generally pompous and selfish about their availability. Put them on a surface that is different from what they are used to. They'll be caught by surprise and knocked off their feet by this. They won't be used to your treatment, and they'll start to miss you as a result.

The aforementioned ways will surely make your Aries ex miss you after break up.


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